Nokia’s Lost Gamble

In the Hutong,
Heat On

1736 hrs

Well, it appears that now Nokia is finally admitting that after three years, N-Gage is a disappointment, missing it’s internal sales targets by something like 67%. Engadget is quoting a Nokia Multimedia division lead Anssi Vanjoki as saying that, as a result, “we need to make some changes.”

Well yes, that would be good. Instead of euthanizing the TacoPhone, however, they’re simply going to stick the games on more phones, apparently reiterating a corporate commitment to ugly phones with stillborn functionality.

The writing is on the wall for Nokia. Until they stop trying to own every single step of the mobile phone value chain and replace that approach with something roughly approximating a logical strategy, Motorola, Samsung, and a host of very hungry competitors are going to turn them into reindeer jerky.