Silicon Hutong on the Sinica Podcast

In the Hutong
Going postprandial
1235 hrs.

On the theory “better late than never,” I’m attaching a link to my debut as a guest on Kaiser Kuo‘s insightful “Sinica Podcast,” a series of weekly discussions among the Beijing cognoscenti. Our topic was whether China was going through an internet bubble, given some of the valuations of recent and upcoming public offerings of Chinese internet firms.

Sharing the room with Kaiser, Gady Epstein from Forbes, Techrice‘s Kai Luckoff,‘s Jeremy Goldkorn, and Digicha‘s Bill Bishop, I walked in wondering if I’d have anything useful to add, but everyone made an effort to make me feel welcome and useful, for which I’m eternally grateful.

Give the show a listen here, and if you don’t already, make sure to check out Sinica on a weekly basis.

David Wolf

我一点不谦虚了!I really felt like a novice walking into that studio, and you guys were great.

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