Facebook Redux: A Worthy Riposte

Hutong West
Counting the hawks
1945 hrs.

The debate over Facebook coming to China continues, and one excellent post written by Brian Glucroft over at Isador’s Fugue is notable in that it makes a passionate and people-based case in favor of the company’s possible foray into the PRC.

Brian’s post is worth reading because he touches on real people in China who actually need the connectivity of Facebook to put them in touch with the outside world. While his evidence is anecdotal rather than systematic, his primary point is that the local social networks, for all of the hype, do not meet the needs of all of China’s netizens, and that there is a market for Facebook here.

I will not take from Brian’s excellent post by rebutting it. Please take a look.


I couldnt leave a response on Brians blog, However, Interesting points. But, Facebook ‘friends’ are usually friends and acquaintances that you know in real life and facebook is an extension of that. Also, some ‘Facebook’ friends are also those whom you add who have extensive ‘mutual friends’. Thus – Facebook would only be an extension of International friends that Chinese have in real life. The solution to making friends in real-life is not via facebook but international travel and making an effort to make friends with the international people who live and work in China. Facebook is mostly an extension of real-life connections and not really a facilitator for making new online ‘friends’.