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My name is David Wolf. I lived in China for two decades and currently divide my time between Beijing, Shanghai, and the US West Coast. My day job is serving as Partner, Asia and the Managing Director of the Global China Practice of Allison+Partners, a San Francisco-based international public relations firm, and in my spare time I’m a technologist, futurist, author, speaker, and amateur historian. My full bio is here.

About Silicon Hutong

My goal here is simple: I want you to feel like each visit you make to this site – or each time you read a post on your RSS reader – is time and effort well spent. My focus is on business in and with China generally, but I tend to focus on several areas:

  1. Technology and the innovative industries;
  2. Media, entertainment, and the creative industries;
  3. Communications and marketing; and
  4. The role of policy and international affairs in all of the above.

I have strong opinions about a lot of things, but as an old sergeant told me once, opinions are like armpits – everyone has a couple, and they all stink. The web has proven as much. For that reason, I will opine only on those topics where I assume (humbly, of course) that I bring an informed point of view to the table, but I will not hold forth just to watch myself type: I promise to do so only when I have something to say that might offer insight.

Disclaimer: Just to be clear: any opinions expressed in the articles and comments in this blog are mine alone and are not those of my employer, my clients, my family, my affiliated organizations, or my pet rock.

Keith Trivitt (@KeithTrivitt)


I’m with the Public Relations Society of America. I read your post in the Holmes Report on taking a stand against illegal PR in China (and also saw it linked to in today’s WSJ blog post (http://on.wsj.com/nMXEDD)… see my comment here: http://on.wsj.com/nMXEDD). I was quite impressed with your perspective and firm stance against unethical PR practices and was wondering if you would be interested in writing a guest post for PRSAY, which is the executive blog of PRSA. I think it would be great to get your perspective on the Chinese PR industry, especially as so many PR pros in the US begin to realize that China is where much of the world’s economy and their future client work will be coming from.

I’d also like to get your perspective on ethical comms in China, and where you think it stands in relation to the US. September is Ethics Month at PRSA, and we’ll be running a series of blog posts and other commentary on ethics in PR. A post from you on this specific topic in China would be fantastic and I’m sure greatly appreciated by our members and the broader US PR profession.

If you’re interested, please send me an email at keith.trivitt@prsa.org and I’ll send along details.

Keith Trivitt

Keith Trivitt | T: @KeithTrivitt
Associate Director of Public Relations | Public Relations Society of America
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