Changes in the Hutong

In the Hutong
After Dinner

For those of you who follow us over here at the Hutong, a quick update:

• Silicon Hutong is undergoing a MAJOR makeover. We are delighted to announce that we have asked Creative Design Studios to create a site for Wolf Group Asia (my new digs) and turn Silicon Hutong into something far nicer to look at, with a blogroll, photos, graphics, and other goodies.

• I’m heading to L.A. for some R&R and to do some interviews for my book project for three weeks. Due to the limitations of the software I am using, I’m not sure I’ll be able to post, but I’m going to be logging and will post on return.

• I’m going to ease up on the 1000 word posts a bit and start keeping things a little more pithy. I’ll still be posting the occasional long entry, but I want this to be something that remains an easy and insightful read.

As always, I welcome flames and other correspondence at