I Don’t Understand How Congressional Leaders Sleep At Night

In the Hutong
2048 hrs.

Tom Lantos earns himself the sobriquet of Chief Demagogue of the Democratic Party with his much reported remark to representatives of Cisco, Yahoo!, Microsoft and Google about their operations in China:

“I do not understand how your corporate leadership sleeps at night.”

The executives look suitably chastened. My suggested response?

“Trust me, congressman. I make fewer ideological compromises in a year than you do in a day.”

Yes, this is one of those comebacks that will never get used, but it underscores an important point: we all find ideological compromises odious. But sometimes they must be made in order to reach your eventual goal.

Nobody should understand that better than a legislator like Mr. Lantos. And that makes his statement disturbingly hypocritical.