The Next Four Game-Changing Mobile Technologies

Edwards, Cliff and Moon Ihlwan, “Upward Mobility: Ultrafast networks and whizzy features are about to turn your cellphone into – well, your right arm,” BusinessWeek, December 4, 2006

I always worry about technology when I read about it in BusinessWeek, because I feel like this is one of those signals that a given innovation has hit its apogee on the hype meter.

In this case, however, I give the two authors credit for isolating four potential technologies that look set to significantly extend the number of things for which you can use a mobile phone. Well worth a read.

Dumping all of these cool features into a phone might sound like a good business plan to The Boys in Espoo, but frankly, I’d be happy if the big manufacturers could come up with user interfaces that actually made the features already on the phones more usable.