If They Can Knock Off Disneyland…

In the Hutong
Mixing a cold cocktail of one part disgust, one part mirth, and three parts burnout
0016 hrs.

So the world has discovered that Beijing has a theme park that significantly knocks off Disneyland. While park executives deny any relation to Disney, the place’s tagline is “because Disneyland is too far.”

Right. Check out the article in JapanProbe and judge for yourself.

Here’s a thought: what hope is there of having the government shut down pirates in the provinces if they’re allowing a state-owned enterprise knock off an entire theme park right in the nation’s capital?

The government will not help IPR property owners as much as they can help themselves. Focus on building a path to your customers, then go after the miscreants. You’ll have a better shot at moving the enforcers to action when your enterprise is employing people and paying taxes, too.