Get Over Single-Browser Optimized Websites – Or Lose Money

Starbucks Fortune Plaza, Beijing
Enjoying the gloomy fall weather
1517 hrs.

I probably receive about four invitations a day to some sort of event – either live or electronic – from some event management company.

One, in particular, is very active here in Asia in mobile communications. They’re running an event in December that I urged them to run when I met with them over a year ago.

So I’m on the mailing list, and I get an email inviting me to download a brochure about the event. It looked interesting. I’d even consider spending $2,000 of my hard-earned to attend, and that’s rare.

So I click on the download button, and it confronts me with a registration page.

Now wait a minute.

I received the email in the first place because I’m registered with them. Now they need my name again?

Strike one.

Then I fill out the form before I see the small print that says “IE-based browsers only.”

Can’t bother to support Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, or Safari, despite their combined 40% market share?

Strike two.

Then I want to send an email to somebody to actually get a copy of the brochure, the only address on the form is for the farking webmaster.

Strike three.

Here’s my first question: if a large event company focused on the technology industries is telling 40% of the people who come to their website that they can’t even have a brochure, how much money are these guys throwing down the toilet in at least higher marketing costs, and at worst lost business?

Here’s my second question: have you checked your website’s browser compatibility lately?