A Lu Xun Archive

In the Hutong
Better read than dead
2039 hrs.

The good cadres over at Marxists.org have put together a decent archive of some of Zhou Shuren’s (Lu Xun) works. It is not, of course, comprehensive: his literary legacy exceeds ten million words (figure 110 book-length works), and this collection tends toward the more radical of his writings, but the stories here are excellent.

If you are new to the man eulogized as “the national soul” at his funeral in 1936, stop by and check out this collection. If you pick out one only, I recommend The True Story of Ah-Q, a short book-length work that is superb.

They have additional sections of interest to non-Marxists interested in China (like me,) including Frank Glass,Li LisanLin BiaoLiu ShaoqiMao Zedong, and others.