Olympics: Li Ning’s Spanish Inquisition

In the Hutong

The kid’s last day of summer

2005 hrs.

Racism is always a sensitive topic, especially when it rears its head at the Olympics, and the people who appear to be delivering derisive commentary about another race live in a country with a controversial past.

The Spanish basketball team’s taste-free caricature of Chinese faces was an excellent example of how political correctness has yet to reach some quarters of the world.

My post on the topic – and what I think team sponsor Li-Ning ought to do about it as a Chinese company – garnered some interesting responses. Some people were totally offended, and one guy accused me of being unable to appreciate how offensive it was because I’m not Asian.

What the team did – and what their other, Spanish sponsor condoned – was stupid, infantile, and reprehensible. The question of how to react to it as a business is another matter, however.

Check the post out here.