Why Tudou is not Youtube…or Youku

A superb discussion had by the five of us at the Tudou Online Video Festival 2010, where we focused on an important topic – why people outside of China don’t get Tudou. My point (and I’ve made this in my MEDIA column coming out later this week) was that most non-Chinese – even those who speak and understand the language – don’t realize what an epiphany online video was to Chinese consumers. Tudou and Youku are contributing to the rapid decline of broadcast television audiences here. My big questions: what are marketers prepared to do about online video, and what will the broadcasters do? Marketers have been indolent so far, and I don’t believe the sleeping giant of CCTV has truly awakened to how much and how quickly the more pleasant alternatives online are eroding its audience. When CCTV stirs, it will surely have regulators on its side. http://amplify.com/u/4tgg

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