Creating a Tipping Point for 3D TV

The Silicon Hutong Suite, Singapore
Running to Clark Quay
17:38 hrs.

Media Asia is running an interesting article describing how some of the first content to be available for the upcoming 3D televisions will be pornography collections.

No surprise there. As Arik Pre pointed out to me, the uptake of many major home entertainment technology innovations, beginning with cable TV and the VCR, have been driven by a desire to enjoy prurient content in one’s own home.

I actually think the industry has another major market for 3D televisions: hotels. Not only would it give the manufacturers an opportunity to show off the innovation to people who otherwise might not get a chance to see 3D TV, it would be a shot in the arm, as it were, to their pay-per-view revenues, both for standard fare and for videos that appeal to a more mature crowd.

If retail sales stall, watch for the manufacturers to undertake a major effort to seed the devices in airports, sports bars, and hotels.

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