Brands in China: Cheap or Premium (and Aught Twixt ‘Em)

China’s brandscape is bimodal, polarized between omnipresent discounting versus high prices born of aspiration.  Cheap Xiaomi mobile phones, Yili ice cream and Nestle “three-in-one” instant coffee exist in the same universe as premium Apple, Haagen Dazs and Starbucks.

via Digital Commerce in China: Cheap Tricks or Deep Love? | Tom Doctoroff | LinkedIn.

Once again, the brilliant Tom Doctoroff nails it.

David Feng (@DavidFeng)

So sorry, but I cannot see eye to eye with the Nestlé café bit. As you must be too aware of, the Barista at the Kerry Centre Starbucks knows PRECISELY what kind of coffee I want just by “eye contact”, and I’m happy to say the same is happening in London at St Pancras. 😉

Plus as a diehard Mac guy since 1991 there is no way I will switch for another OS.