China Marketing: Silos and Timid Marketers

For a variety of reasons, cross-platform alignment occurs too infrequently. First, marketers have become disorientated, even intimated, by the emergence of quantitative technologies that promise algorithmic salvation. Second, advertising agencies have yet to identify models of collaboration that pair conceptual distillers – that is, “storytellers” — with systemic thinkers, the latter capable of devising innovative transactions. Finally, many organizations have siloed operational structures. This is particularly true in China where sales departments wield control over marketing. To boot, online and offline units function independently.

via Digital Commerce in China: Cheap Tricks or Deep Love? | Tom Doctoroff | LinkedIn.


Anyone else understand this? It appears to be very obtuse and assume that the reader has exactly the same mental state as the writer.

David Wolf

The way I read it before I posted it was that Tom was saying – in the gentlest way possible – that the reason advertisers can’t get digital to work for them is that they’re intimidated by quants, they haven’t figured out how to work with the guys on the e-commerce side, and agencies are not structured to enable the kind of roll-up-the-sleeves-and-get-stuff-done bull sessions that overcome these problems. In short, when it comes to digital, traditional advertising agencies are screwed.