Chinese Consumers Return to Paris 

Chinese consumers in the world’s fashion capital spend more than those from any other country, with 37 percent of their budgets slated for shopping, 18 percent for food and gastronomy and a mere 3 percent for visiting museums and historic sites.

Source: Chinese Consumers Return to Paris After Bad Year for Retail | Jing Daily

This is not just about Paris, but about how luxury shopping and international travel are inexorably intertwined in the minds of a great many Chinese tourists.

Proof: Paris is not alone. The same applies to Milan, New York, London, Beverly Hills, and any city where Chinese tourists gather. Walk into anything larger than a boutique at the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, for example, and there will almost inevitably be a Chinese-speaker on duty behind the counter.

The lesson for brands: Chinese are global consumers seeking experience and authenticity. The old formula of name+bling+advertising is dead, and the brands that fail to notice that are heading for hard times in China.