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hutong in Bejing
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What’s in a Name?

Silicon Hutong – or “The Hutong,” as I refer to it – is obviously a play on words. “Silicon” refers to my focus on technology, innovation, and creativity and the businesses and industries that are built around them. “Hutong” refers to the traditional densely-packed neighborhoods of side streets, alleyways, and passageways that distinguish northern China generally and Beijing specifically.

As such, the blog’s name is a tribute to Beijing’s oft-unclaimed status as the true heart of research and innovation in China, as well as a reflection of my topical focus.

A few conventions:


I tend to dateline my posts, and you’ll see a few obscure places mentioned:

In the Hutong means I’m in Beijing, either at our apartment in Mapozhen (near the Yanjing brewery), at a workplace, or in a hotel in town (since Mapozhen is lovely, but not terribly convenient;)

Hutong West means I’m in or around our home in Oxnard, California. After 20 years living in China full time, I now balance my time in the Middle Kingdom and on the road with detox time in California.

Hutong Forward means I’m traveling as I write.

All other datelines are self-explanatory.


There are friends and coworkers who I refer to using their public “handles,” like The Village Grouch, the Party Secretary, and the like. I will also often refer to fellow bloggers like Imagetheif or The Peking Duck by their own handles. I figure this is fair, because none of these folks do much to hide their identity, and I do it because that is how most people refer to them.

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